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Fun Ways to Stay in Shape in the Cold

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In the winter time, especially in the northern states, it can get tough to go out and exercise, but it is not an excuse to not stay in shape! No matter how cold it is, there are alternatives you should consider to stay active and in shape during the cold months. These winter sports are fun to try, and offer your body a range of different workouts.


This is a famous winter activity that is mainly practiced in a seated position, but still burns a lot of calories. Sledding can be a very good way to stay in shape as it requires balance, strength, and a lot of coordination. Sledding works the upper body and the core when you steer using only your body, and can also give your legs a bit of a workout when climbing back up the hill.

Ice Hockey

This is a tough sport that works the whole body, and strengthens the legs because of the movements while skating. It also works the core and upper body, and gives balance while burning a lot of calories. Get a bunch of friends together and encourage each other to make working out not such a chore! Even just a few laps of ice skating can help to burn a lot of calories. If you don’t have a local skating pond, you might want to see if a company like Alberta water services might be able to line up a rink for public use.


This activity is great for the whole body, and especially the core. You work the core a lot to provide balance and coordination. This is also is a great cardio workout that also works the legs. Skiing is sure to use some leg muscles you’ve never felt before!


Like skiing, this is a great workout for the whole body. Snowboarding is an extreme sport, and is more difficult than skiing at times, because it is more like surfing. You just use the snowboard table, and work your core to develop balance, agility and strength. This workout also places a lot of strain on your legs.

Indoor Activities

You can practice any indoor workout during the cold. Swimming a very good and efficient exercise that works the whole body. It is recommend that you try swimming in an indoor pool during the cold to experience the benefits warm water has when exercising. There are also other indoor activities that will help you burn calories like: basketball, racquetball, weights, cardio machines, and fitness classes.

It is your choice to stay in shape during the cold weather, and there are great health benefits of being outside during the cold weather. Remember that staying in shape is a lifestyle and a choice. Don’t slack off this winter and start something new you haven’t tried before. Take advantage of the sports that the area offers and increase your positive outlook!

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