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Girl nursery Idea
Girl nursery Idea

Baby room Ideas – Boy and Girl nursery Ideas

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You will have many things to do in preparation of your little one. One of the things I enjoyed the most, was preparing the nursery! There are so many choices to make from what color to paint to safety needs and to what you really do need in the nursery. Here are some ideas that helped us create a cute, clean and cozy room for our little guy.

  • Personalize it!  There are so many ideas for cute nurseries out there, but you want yours to stand out as made specifically for your baby.  Try using stencils to paint the baby’s initials or name above the crib, or, buy small wooden letters the spell your little one’s name and decorate them to match your rooms decor.  Put pictures of you and family members around the baby’s room.  Some people even put the sonogram pictures up in the room in cute picture frames.  Also, try doing a mural or other wall art decal that reflects the theme of the room.  Some of the most popular themes right now include cupcakes or owls for girls and safari or sports for boys.  If you have decided not to find out the sex of your baby simple polka dots, stripes, or stars may be the right choice for you!
  • Organize it!  Believe me, once your little bundle of joy arrives you are not going to want to be running around trying to find things!  Make sure the room is organized and as clutter free as possible before he or she arrives.   Rubbermaid containers with drawers can come in very handy and they come in cute colors!  I have a large one with 2 drawers in my sons room and the bright colors match his jungle themed room.  I would also get a few bins, baskets, containers, or whatever you prefer!  I have one specifically for diapers, one for socks/shoes, one for bath time supplies, etc.  These are a choice if you want to keep things orderly and put together.  Plus, as the baby grows you can continue using them for toys, books, etc.  Don’t forget the baby monitor!  I don’t think I would have gotten any sleep those first few weeks without mine!  We have a lights and sounds one that flashes when the baby makes noise as well as lets you hear them.  They also have some fancy ones that let you hear and see them while they’re sleeping.
  • Baby proof it!  This may seem like an obvious one, but many parents get caught up in making the room cute and forget about safety!  Put plug protectors in all outlets and put away any medicine that you may be storing in the room.  Also, make sure you can move about the room freely.  It is easy to trip in a dark, messy room at 3am when your baby decides they’re hungry!  As far as bedding, style shouldn’t be your only concern.  Stay away from decor that has fringe on it or is big and poofy!  Most pediatricians are recommending NOT using a bumper in the crib and not using any blankets or pillows as these can be a suffocation danger to the baby.  Once our son was old enough and strong enough to move around we used our bumper because we liked how it looks, but that is totally up to you!  Don’t be afraid to buy pieces separately since the bed sets come with quilts and bumpers that you may not use anyways.
Baby room

Baby room

Remember, this is a room your baby should feel safe and comfortable in.  Our pediatrician recommended us having our baby boy sleep in his own room at 2 months so I wanted to be sure he had a great room to feel at home in.  There are so many styles out there have fun decorating a space for your little one!

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