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Sport fitness
Sport fitness

Tips to Get a Fighter’s Physique

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When most people begin to incorporate training and exercise into their day to day life, they tend to already have an idea within themselves of how they would like to shape their body, and after being constantly surrounded by the physiques and condition of the world’s most respected athletes, many are left green with envy. The increase in popularity of MMA (mixed martial arts) and the Ultimate Fighting Champion competition, the body of a fighter is the desired choice for many.

Here is a guide to give you the tips and information you need to get the perfect fighters body.

Change your diet

If you want to get a body like the professionals, you’re going to have to give those bad foods you love, or at least enjoy sparsely. Expect to increase your protein intake and be more careful when it comes to fats and carbohydrates. Here is a simple daily diet to get you started:

Breakfast-Foods high in bran e.g. bran based cereal, wheat bran porridgeMMA fighters body

Lunch-Chicken or tuna on wholemeal bread with a low fat spread and one piece of fruit

Dinner-Baked potato/basmati rice with grilled chicken, turkey, tuna

Snacks-pistachio nuts, natural yoghurt, fruit

Avoid alcohol with high sugar content like beer or cider and cut out crisps, chocolate, sweets etc.

Train your whole body

To get the perfect physique, you need to incorporate a wide range of exercises and techniques into your workout. To start off, select dumbbell lunges, pull-ups, push-ups and kettlebell snatches. To make your first sessions more varied, change the speed and repetition as fighters need to be as explosive as possible, thus changing their training speeds.

Sit ups!

Sit-ups are one of the most important exercises you can do to perfect your core and torso and to get the most out of this workout, hold a weight whilst you do so. Start by using a weight that you feel most comfortable with and as your fitness and strength improves, increase the weight. Hold the weight behind your head with both hands and push your chest out, then twist your torso and rest the correct elbow onto the floor. You should do this until you can do no more and rest sufficiently.

Protein intake

Protein milkshakes are a great way to improve muscle growth and should be included into your regime. Drink one or two a day, containing a gram of protein for every pound you weigh. If you’re unsure about which milkshakes are right for you, consult your local health store or fitness centre.

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