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Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil

What is Coconut Oil Diet ? Review of Diet program

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It has been mostly talked about because studies have found virgin coconut oil to be a heart healthy oil and many people have claimed that the oil has helped lower blood glucose, cleared up skin problems, helped with thyroid problems and the list goes on and on.

Following a coconut diet doesn’t entitle you to eat whatever you want and expect the fat to just melt off of you. Some people have said that they didn’t change any of their pervious eating patterns and yet they lost weight but the coconut diet that is outlined in Cherie Calbom’s book “The Coconut Diet” doesn’t just imply taking the oil will be your cure-all. The coconut diet is all about eating healthy, whole foods and it is considered to be somewhat of a low-carb diet. The diet itself is very healthy for you and many doctors approve of the plan.

If you are immediately scared off by the thought of following a low-carb diet and you are quickly thinking about hitting the back button on your browser, you should understand that the coconut diet is not eliminating carbs it’s just that you eat less carbs and you eat more of the healthier carbs. Some people have reported that while following a coconut diet they have noticed that somehow the virgin coconut oil that is used for cooking many of your foods or ingested directly somehow helps your carb cravings. Since I myself am the first one to freak out at the thought of a diet that eliminates foods or says “no carbs”, I am very curious by the coconut diet and I am ready to take the steps necessary to truly give it a shot. Everything in the eating plan is healthy, natural and not harmful to the body so I don’t see why I shouldn’t give it a try.

Once again, I have to say that the diet is not a miracle diet and you will not magically drop 50 pounds in 3 months or any of that other wacky-stuff that fad diets try to lure you in with. You will be eating healthy so you should lose weight but if you continue to overeat and “cheat” on your food intake you will not lose weight. You should follow some sort of exercise program while participating in the coconut diet or any diet for that matter. It’s good for the heart, mind and soul!

To start off you should conduct some research on following a coconut diet and you should pick up Cherie’s book to really decide if the coconut diet is a good match for you. After you have read it, you should consult your doctor if you have any prior health conditions just to make sure your doctor gives you the approval to follow it.

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