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Chicken recipe
Chicken recipe

The best Chicken Recipe

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Stir-fry chicken is a Chinese dish that combines a lot of ingredients to make a wonderful medley of chicken meat and vegetables. However, you may be surpised to find out that it’s a dish can be cooked in an astoningly short amount of time.


  • 2/3 lbs chicken breast
  • tbsp. cooking oil – 4
  • onions, diced- 6 1/2 inch pieces of green
  • ½ tbs. sliced ginger root
  • 2/3 cup button mushrooms
  • ½ carrot, reduce into strips
  • tiny bell pepper, lower into strips- 1
  • scorching red peppers, reduce into stripes -3

For that marinade:

  • cornstarch – 1 tbs
  • drinking water – 1 tbs
  • ½ tbs. cooking wine
  • 1/3 tbsp. salt

For the sauce:

  • four tbsp. h2o
  • ½ tbsp. cooking wine
  • cornstarch – 1 tsp
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • ½ tsp. sugar


. Cut up the chicken into bite sides chunks. Should you really don’t need to use chicken breast, you’ll be able to substitute it with chicken thighs as an alternative.

. Combine the cornstarch, drinking water, cooking wine and salt within a bowl. Combine properly. Marinate the chicken inside the combination for at the very least twenty minutes.

Combine every one of the elements for your sauce and combine with each other. Put aside for later on.

Heat up a wok and include the oil. Whilst any cooking oil can be utilized, canola oil is favored. Once the oil is scorching sufficient, stir-fry the the chicken till the items alter colour. Eliminate the chicken items and drain. Put aside.

In a separate wok, create two tbsp. in the employed oil and stir-fry the green onion and ginger root.

Add the mushrooms, carrots, and peppers. Stir-fry every thing lightly. If you would like the whole dish to become a little much more spicey, you are able to include 1 or two chili peppers at this time.

. Add the cooked chicken. Lightly stir-fry.

Add the sauce and swiftly stir-fry every little thing with each other. Get rid of and serve.

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