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How to change Google Apps DNS (tutorial)

Google Apps

This is a basic tutorial on how to set up Google Apps DNS records: 1) go to and take note of the Google Apps DNS records – keep this page open for your reference 2) go to your cPanel, then scroll down to the Domains section, and click on DNS Zone Editor 3) Select your domain (if you have multiple domains ...

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How to add new email account in Thunderbird (tutorial)

Thunderbird logo

If your computer does not have Outlook or Mac Mail, or if you’re looking for an alternative to those programs, download Thunderbird here: You will need some basic settings to set up the account. The “default” settings that these mail programs try to use are more often than not incorrect, so if you have the option to do a ...

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How to add new email account on Gmail ? (tutorial)

Google Gmail logo

Did you know you could use a Gmail account to send and receive emails from your domain name just like a mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail) does? This can be a great option if your email program is giving you troubles and no matter how many times you check the settings or restart your computer it’s just not working. You can ...

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How to Create Email account in cPanel (tutorial)

Email account

To create a new email account through the cPanel, follow these steps: Sign into your cPanel Go to the Mail icons Click on Email Accounts Use the form at the top of the page to fill out the username, password, and quota (inbox storage size) You can sign into the email account via the Webmail icon in the cPanel. If ...

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Make a website : How much does it cost ?

Make a website

For those who don’t have the extra Benjamins and Grants laying around to fund a website developer, you may find yourself in a panic. “I don’t know how to script a website, and I can’t afford a developer!” That’s ok – you don’t need a developer (or a bachelor’s degree in website design) to put your small business or your ...

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How to Share Hosting Structure (Tutorial)

Web hosting

There are multiple tiers of hosting services available. Since my sites are small and I only run a few of them, I really don’t need to spend my entire savings fund on a dedicated hosting server. Bluehost uses a shared hosting structure – this means that one server (separated into 8 “partitions” a.k.a. different home directories within the server) can ...

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How to Migrate to (turorial)

Migrate is a different hosting platform. Their system is proprietary, you do not have FTP access to manage your site, and you can only export your posts/pages/links/comments from the original blog. Your theme will not carry over, and I don’t believe any custom widgets will either. Please take this into heavy consideration when you’re moving to a self-hosted ...

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How beginning with your own website (domain name, hosting…)

Your website

The website you see here is composed of two important parts: 1) A domain name 2) Hosting server space for the website files/databases/emails How much you spend on both of those elements depends entirely on the company you use to buy these from, and what type you’re buying. Not all sites are built equally, and each website may have ...

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What is Domain Name?

Domain names

My domain name is – it’s an easy to remember name that is linked to a server where a website is stored. Domain names come in all different kinds. From the basic .com or .net all the way to individual country domains such as .fr for France, to the domains, or for Africa. The domain “extension” that ...

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How to Migrate (tutorial)


Migrating WordPress should, in theory, be easy. After all – everything else about WordPress is easy, right? Think again. It will require you to learn the ins and outs, and it may be a bit more of an ugly process than you’re prepared to handle. Thankfully, I’ve done about 3,500 of these, so I should be good at it by ...

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