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Fun Ways to Stay in Shape in the Cold


In the winter time, especially in the northern states, it can get tough to go out and exercise, but it is not an excuse to not stay in shape! No matter how cold it is, there are alternatives you should consider to stay active and in shape during the cold months. These winter sports are fun to try, and offer ...

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Essential Boxing Tips – How to Box ?

Boxing tips

Not all useful boxing tips are designed to teach you the needed skills of the sport, but more importantly are offered to teach you what you need to learn, and how you need to think about what you’re learning, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. You need to learn what the different punches are, how to move your feet, ...

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Learn Boxing – Basic Punches


This sport is very old in fact. When I was in college there was a lot of pictures of it in my history books. It was popular then and nowadays millions of devoted fans watch this sport on a regular basis. It’s not football, and it doesn’t involve a point guard or free throws. In fact, this very particular sport doesn’t ...

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Tips for Jet Ski Rentals

Jet Ski

Jet Ski Rentals Information Taking a trip to the lake is super fun in summer time. There’s so much to do there including sunbathing, swimming and riding on a jet ski. If you are a regular at the lake, you may already own your own jet ski. If you don’t there’s still a way for you to enjoy this fun ...

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What’s Difference Between Self Defence and Martial Arts

Martial Arts

There are so many people that say they start to practice martial arts in order to learn self defence. The problem is that there is a huge difference between martial arts and self defence on the streets. Let us take a look at those differences in order to understand how to approach the situation properly. The Goal This is probably ...

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The Best Self-Defense Tips


Self Defence can be defined as anything that you would do in order to protect yourself against an attacker. This is one topic that is usually not properly understood and that is why we need to discuss many aspects that we are sure you need to be aware of. We are going to show you what to buy in order to ...

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Perform easy exercises to keep fit


Some exercise methods can be hard on your knees and ankles if your form is not perfect. There are forms of exercise that will give you an excellent cardio and muscular work out without subjecting your joints to excessive trauma. Of them, Cycling and swimming are the best, giving you the most return for effort. Many municipal swimming pools offer ...

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How to watch 2014 NBA Playoffs online ?

2014 NBA Playoffs

The San Antonio Spurs VS Miami Heat NBA Finals Rematch The Spurs have won titles in 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007 before they finally fell to the Heat in 2013 in what many saw as a clash of the titans. The Spur was ahead with 3-2 and at about 28.2 seconds to the end of game 6, was leading with ...

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Psychology and Mental Preparation of running


When I tell people that I run marathons in my free time, a lot of folks think I’m at least a little bit crazy. Sure, I’m a little nuts, but the psychology of running lends itself to people who are a little obsessive. In order to prepare for each marathon, I undergo a four month training schedule over which I’ll ...

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Buy Caxirola – 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Caxirola Brazil World Cup

The caxirola is a percussion instrument created by Carlinhos Brown in Brazil. The yellow and green instrument has a sound very similar to the South American “rainstick” when shaken. It has borrowed heavily borrowed from the “caxixi”, a South American and African instrument made with a woven basket with a flat-bottom dried gourd filled with seeds. The noise from the ...

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