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Tips to Last Longer in Bed for Men

How to last longer in bed for men

There are many guides around to help men last longer in bed, the reason for this is because nearly all men have suffered at least once from premature ejaculation. If you have been with a partner for a long time then this is a problem that can be worked out together. But when this happens with a new partner it ...

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Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis of Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation

Do not underestimate delayed ejaculation Sexual problems can affect anyone, men, women, children, teens, and elderly. One of the sexual problems experienced by men is ejaculation issue. Ejaculation problems in men can be varied, one of the most common and well known is premature ejaculation. However, besides premature ejaculation, there is other form of ejaculation disorder can also be experienced ...

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Women Infertility – Causes, Diagnostics, Treatment

Test pregnancy

If you are very eager to have children, but you cannot get pregnant, than your life becomes terrible. You read thick textbooks on sexual health instead of detective and love stories. You can speak only about ovulation and spermagogeny with your friends and relatives. You make a calendar for calculating the days when you are most likely to get pregnant. ...

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What agents affect erection ? Erection problems causes

Alcohol and sex

What is Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction is an inability to continuously maintain an erection sufficient for completing sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction means: Complete inability to achieve an erection Periodic ability to achieve an erection and / or The tendency to achieve only brief erections. What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? According to medical research, 80% of erectile dysfunction in ...

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Women Pain During or After Sex

Painful sex woman

Painful intercourse is a problem that can be faced by both young women who have recently had their first sex and experienced women who have been engaged in sexual relationships for quite a long time. Unfortunately, many women think that they should not complain about this problem to doctors. Some of them think that painful intercourse is normal in the ...

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Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculation – Causes & Exercises

Stop premature ejaculation

There are many men who do not like to discuss the issue of ejaculation, premature or not, when they have sex. So millions of people find it difficult to enjoy sex and are not able to satisfy their partners because of their inability to control when to “finish.” American Psychiatric Association defines premature ejaculation as an inability of a man ...

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Male Sexual Desire – The libido of Men by Age

Couple in bed

Male sexual desire needs and abilities much depend on the age. But it does not matter whether you have just come back from honeymoon trip or you have been married for already 20 years. If you are aware of male sexuality peculiarities, you can drive your man crazy. Though psychological aspect greatly influences male sex drive, hormones are much more ...

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The Galactic Cap Condom : The Future Of Pleasure

Galactic Cap Condom

Why the Galactic Cap Condom Could Revolutionize Safe Sex ? Many campaigns have been launched over the past few decades to sensitive people about the need to practice safe sex. These campaigns have gone on for so long to the point that some people in authority have seemingly stopped considering any other dimensions to the safe sex debate. According to ...

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Male Infertility – Causes, Diagnostics, Treatment

Infertility causes

Every men must do three things during his life: build a house, plant a tree and grow up a child. Those who do not manage to do the latter are dissapointed more than others. They can have sex but their Sexual health is not in order. Many people think that if a woman cannot get pregnant, it means that she is ...

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The secrets of female sexuality


The right to pleasure Female sexuality began being studied about 100-150 years ago. Before this time lady had been afraid even of speaking about their libido, because the very its existence used to be considered a sign of outrageous immorality. Today humanity recognize women’s right to sexual satisfaction and openly speak about such notions as orgasm and frigidity. As well ...

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