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How to Camp in a Tent – Camping Guide


Caring for your tent After returning from your trip, set it up and check for dirt. Use a damp sponge and mild soap and rub gently. Let your tent air dry and don’t pack up until it is completely dry. Sunlight in form of UV rays can weaken your tent fabric and fly sheet so don’t leave your tent up ...

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How to Choose a Campsite


Finding the perfect camp site can make all the difference to how much you will enjoy your holiday. If your rush your set up because your too keen to go surfing, hiking, rafting etc you will potentially place yourself in a hazardous or uncomfortable position. When you first arrive at your desired location take a quick look at the surrounding ...

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How to Choose a Sleeping Bags for Camping


One of the first consideration should be how you are going to using the sleeping bag. If the purpose is for car camping, then comfort should be looked at closely. However if you will be doing a lot of backpacking, you will want to consider size and weight. The temperature rating of your bag will depend on the locations and ...

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How to Build a CampFire


The camp fire is one of the central parts of camping since it provides not only warmth but also cooking, drying and a social bonding area for friends and family. Make sure that where you decide to camp permits fires. Bringing your own wood supply may be required if the area is protected and you are not allowed to use ...

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Safety Tips while camping or hiking


Fire Safety One of the most fondest camping memories is the camp fire. They provide heat for warmth and cooking as well as set that perfect atmosphere. Sitting around the campfire roasting marshmellows and telling stories is the perfect end to the day. Below are some important rules to remember: Keep water nearby in case of emergency and to soak ...

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Secrets of Cheap Hotel Tips for Low Budget Traveler


Secrets to find cheap hotel guide tips are things you may be really craving to know. Imagine if you can spend less than the others because you know how to get a cheap hotel to stay. This way you, as a low budget traveler, can spend the money on anything else. That would be awesome. First thing to think about ...

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10 Ways to Prepare for a Flight

Boeing in sky

I am sure most of you have been on a plane before, whether it’s to travel to some amazing vacation spot, visit family, or for work. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, taking a flight somewhere is sometimes more convenient than getting there in a car. If you’re traveling overseas, you don’t necessarily have much of a choice. I have ...

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