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5 Foods to Eat So You Can Have Vision Like Superman!

Good vision

Whether or not you have good eyesight can be affected by various factors, including genetics, whether or not you were premature at birth, your diet as a child and your diet now. Among all of these factors, your current diet is the only one you have the power to control. If you want to have eyesight that rivals the Man ...

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Top 5 Foods You Should Avoid

Chicken Nuggets

It’s commonly known that we are what we eat. So why sometimes we are so unaware of what our diet consists of? There are several kinds of foods which can not only let us put on some kilos, but also causes some serious health problems. Heart and stomach diseases, skin problems and bad affect on the liver – it’s far ...

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5 Foods That Gives You Energy Naturally You Need


Although there are many reasons that individuals make alterations in their eating habits, the changes are often made so that the person can have more energy. If you are struggling to maintain the energy you need to perform daily tasks and are looking for a solution, eating the following five foods can give you the boost you need: Almonds In ...

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Best Healthy Food for Brain

Fast food

There are more recipes of healthy foods for brain you need to know for alternatives of nutritious snacks. Instead of crisp to offer to your kids, why not making smoothies combination from apple, peach, and plum. Healthy snacks brain is not only limited to blueberry smoothies as blueberry is a popular food to help sharpen mind. Apricot is also good ...

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5 Amazing effects of Cucumbers


Cucumber isn’t only good to go upon tuna sandwiches, or for the discerning pick-me-up for sleepy eyes. If you’re appetite flags in the afternoon, eating the little cucumber will give we the carbohydrate progress to keep we starting for hours, as well as additionally keep craving pangs during bay. So what else can we do with your cucumber? You competence be ...

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Whey Less Shake Recipe Idea

Weight Loss shake

Alhough this shake is a bit higher in calories than a normal shake the taste is ohhh soooo worth it! I only put 50ml of coconut milk to reduce the calories but you can put more if you calorie intake for the day allows it….or just go for a slightly longer run With 50ml of full fat coconut milk this ...

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How to Cook for a Diabetic

Diabetic recipe

Lots of individuals, who have utterly no understanding of Diabetes themselves, don’t realize that they are victims of this slow killer. The initial step towards control, is to go for diabetic cooking. In the present day context, when diabetics are unable to discard their food cravings, diabetic cooking with a whole new series of recipes has brought hope where only ...

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10 Tips for Quick and Healthy Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen tips

In this 21st century people are becoming more conscious about their eating habits and life styles. Due to the rapid changing trends and lifestyles, people often tend to suffer from heart diseases, depression, stress, high blood pressure and other such related problems. All these problems can be controlled if you cook your food items in healthy ways. Healthy cooking can ...

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Olive Oil Benefits for Health

Olive oil

Some benefits of olive oil for health Do you want to know about some benefits that can be obtained from the use of olive oil? Besides as a fragrance, olive oil is also beneficial for health and beauty. Below are some benefits of olive oil . Olive oil benefits : 1. Protect the body against various diseases. Olive oil protects ...

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How much vitamin C do you need?

Vitamin C

Healthy ways to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one of water-soluble vitamins the body needs for growth, development, and body repair process through its role in collagen metabolism. In addition, vitamin C also plays a role in wound repair process in bone, cartilage, teeth and gums. Vitamin C is not produced by ...

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