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Nutrition tips

How to cook Edamame beans

Edamame beans

Learning how to cook edamame is easy. This simple dish is a delicious and healthy snack made from baby green soybeans. It can also be made into vegetable dishes, soups and even dips. Edamame is commonly found in Asian restaurants and Sushi bars, but can be purchased and prepared more locally. Soybeans are very healthy; they contain omega fatty acids, ...

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How to cook Whole Salmon – Quick and Easy Recipe

Whole Salmon

A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking Whole Salmon Cooking whole salmon may seem like a daunting task at first, but if handled properly and in a systematic fashion even a novice cook may tackle this job with little trouble. Be it for health reasons or a desire to impress the in-laws, salmon is quickly becoming a favorite addition to many table ...

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6 Great Tips for Vegans – Diets That Strengthens Your Heart


Most people understand how important the health of their heart is. When you have a healthy heart it will prevent you from becoming a victim of one of the many life threatening health problems that people die from everyday. If you are ready to start eating a healthy diet that will be beneficial for your heart then please keep reading ...

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How to cook Tilapia


A Quick Guide to Cooking Tilapia Tilapia is a fish which is native to Africa but today people around the world are cooking tilapia. That’s because it is one of the most successfully farmed fishes. Most of the tilapia sold now come from China, Latin America, the southern United States and Indonesia. Tilapia cannot survive in water that is under ...

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How to cook Swordfish


Tips for Cooking Swordfish When cooking swordfish, most of the time you will want to cook it on a grill. Swordfish is sold in markets as fillet stakes; these steaks are firm and meaty, which is perfect for grilling. Unlike many other types of fish, swordfish has a firm enough texture that when you are cooking it on the grill ...

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How to cook Spinach for Kids


All about Cooking Spinach for Kids The recalls of a few years ago may have put off cooking spinach for your kids. You may not even be sure now if spinach was the source of the contamination or if it turned out to be tomatoes. In addition, you may not remember whether it was E. coli or salmonella when it ...

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How to cook Sardines


Everything you ever wanted to know about cooking sardines Sardines are a very nutritious food, full of omega-3 fatty acids, and cooking sardines is easy if you just keep a few simple tips in mind. First off, never use canned sardines when you’re cooking them. The only way to get the best taste when you’re cooking sardines is to use ...

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How to cook Steak


The Best Tips for Cooking Steak Summer and steak go hand-in-hand for many of us and there is no greater satisfaction than cooking steak to perfection. There are some simple tips that can help each of us produce restaurant style steak. How to Choose the right steak There are a whole range of steaks and it is true that each ...

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How to cook Quail


A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Quail Cooking quail certainly isn’t rocket science, but it does take a certain amount of learned skill to produces a juicy and tender quail dish. The quail is a small bird. After the bones have been accounted for, there really isn’t a large amount of meat to an individual bird, which means that most ...

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How to cook Parsnips


Cooking Parsnips: Who Ever Heard of Such An Idea? As head cook and bottle washer on the home front, the idea of cooking parsnips had never entered my mind. However, constant complaints of redundancy in meal plans gave me the inspiration needed to take a closer look at these rarely thought of vegetables. Finding that parsnips were related to the ...

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