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Piercing & Tattoo

The Meaning of Body Piercing


Regardless of how vital, regardless of how clothed, human beings have pierced every inconceivable body part. Throughout history, body piercings have been used to earmark distinguished members of society and have been used during rituals and passages to adulthood. In Western societies, piercing enthusiasts are attracted to the practice for many reasons. Some enjoy how body piercings alter their appearance and enjoy making ...

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How to Care a Navel Piercing ?

Navel piercing

This is distinctive type of piercing for fashion trendy people to wear jewelry in that hole and adorn their body. Basically nose piercing was practiced since 4000 years. Nowadays other parts like tongue, lips, ears, umbilicus eyebrow and genitals are being pierced. Always consider that pierced hole as open wound and its care and cleanliness is important otherwise you may ...

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How Much do Tattoos Cost ? – Price of a Tattoo


A large tattoo on his back and leg cost about $1,050 and $800. A smaller one on the inside of his arm cost $150. Tattoos often go by the cost per hour – $150/hr seems to be the going rate, which matched his experience. Tattoo black and white cost $75/hr. For example a back tattoo took four sessions for a total of 10 hours, leg took two sessions for 5 ...

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